Producing art in the Yucatan

Lux Perpetua Art Centre
Jun 2, 2017 4:39PM

Printmaking workshop and artist residence in Merida.

Casa Lool workshop is part of the Lux Perpetua Art Centre project with the goal of promoting and producing contemporary art in Merida, Yucatan. The workshop is a forum intended for local and foreign artists to collaborate and exchange experiences. It is an open space for artists to explore new forms of expression.

The workshop is equipped for various printmaking techniques, including drypoint, engraving, etching, and aquatint. Complemented with a digital printing laboratory, the workshop enables artists to experiment with a combination of different skills.

The last piece of the platform is the Casa Framboyan residence, located in the Itzimná neighborhood within walking distance from the gallery and workshop.

We are fortunate to have hosted Luis Moro, Esmeralda Torres, Jordi Boldo, Santiago Olguin, Miguel Castro Leñero, Raymundo Sesma, Boris Viskin, Aidee de Leon, Emilio Said, Samia Farah, Siegrid Wiese, and most recently Amador Montes. Below are some of the works produced at Casa Lool.

Esmeralda Torres
Hola marino, 2016
Lux Perpetua Art Centre
Santiago Olguín
Cornudas, 2016
Lux Perpetua Art Centre
Miguel Castro Leñero
Untitled, 2016
Lux Perpetua Art Centre
Raymundo Sesma
Noción transversal, 2016
Lux Perpetua Art Centre

We are continuously evaluating projects and searching for sponsors in order to make them a reality.  

Lux Perpetua Art Centre