ART MUC live 29.5. - 1.6.2014 // Munich Praterinsel

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Jun 1, 2014 4:21PM

ARTMUC is Munich’s new producer art fair. Within this first fair the gallery m|u|c|a, a project-space of the Urban Art Organization, launches a special exhibition called ARTMUC live inviting art production directly to the Praterinsel. In the art market, especially in different exhibition and art fair platforms, art is often presented as a result disconnected from the artistic process with all its fascinating facets. We want to place art production into an wider context. Art production should not end with the artwork as a result of the production, but should be presented with exhibition satellites to a changing public. We want to experiment and see how art pieces change within different location and how they are perceived by a broader public. So the aim is to create mobile surfaces and flexible installations at ARTMUC live and continue after the fair in the exhibition format m|u|c|a on tour where we display the pieces in public space, festivals and other locations.

For ARTMUC live we invited international and national artists to create artworks in “Haus 3” on the Praterinsel. The visitor gets a chance to get to know art as a whole process, not only as a final result. We want to show the variety in contemporary art, so we invited artists from different backgrounds, who work multi-media and diverse genre. ARTMUC live shows artists of the Urban Contemporary Art, Textile Art, painting and many more. Our artists are: Ben Eine, AIKO, Max Zorn, Nora Gres, L.E.T., Herakut, Case, Lukas Fertsch, Zeus and Karl Goerlich.

Local and international art finds its productive home and a hopeful fruitful atmosphere within ARTMUC live. This new format is an experiment for artist as well as for our visitors.

In a city like Munich artistic production does not happen in the center – rents get high and studios move to the periphery. We want to rethink this development and continue the reflection with the other exhibition venue throughout the whole year we do the m|u|c|a on tour project. Contemporary Art lives of its actors and we intend to connect them among each other, artists, cultural venues and cultural workers.

Who we are:

The m|u|c|a gallery is a project of the Urban Art Organization. Both are located in the Kunsthaus Maximilian. We believe that art hast he potential to change the way we perceive the world. We aim to create platforms where discourse, exchange and discussion fertilize each other and lead to new cognitions. The exchange with a broad public and other institutions is important to us. Our exhibition space in the Maximilanstraße 54 shows the works of renowned artists of the Urban Art scene like Banksy, Shepard Fairey and famous Pop Art representatives like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Furthermore we especially aim to stimulate young contemporary art. We consider it our duty to offer a platform to experimental discourses, new formats and interesting positions.

For further information:

Anabel Roque Rodriguez [email protected]

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