Geometry to its limits

MACBA - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires
Nov 20, 2013 3:58PM


Geometry to its limits

From December 14, 2013 to May 4, 2014

Opening: Saturday 14 2013, 12 p.m.

MACBA - Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires presents the exhibition Geometry to its limits, consisting of a selection of 25 Argentinean artists from the permanent collection of the museum. 

Intending to generate new approaches to current geometric abstraction, Geometry to its limits presents the contemporary scene in Argentina with examples of its most important artists . These are Alejandra Barreda, Carla Bertone, Cecilia Biagini, Gabriela Böer, Fabian Burgos, Juan José Cambre, Natalia Cacchiarelli, Valeria Calvo, Beto de Volder, Verónica Di Toro, Lucio Dorr, Mariano Ferrante, Jimena Fuertes, Silvia Gurfein, Graciela Hasper, Guillermo Kuitca, Julia Masvernat, Karina Peisajovich, Inés Raiteri, Roberto Scafidi, Pablo Siquier, Andrés Sobrino, Leila Tchopp, Mariano Vilela and Carola Zech .

The exhibition offers a journey to observe and reflect on the production of geometric abstract artists who have developed these works from the 90's until today in Argentina. The diversity in the selection of works shows clearly the individual interpretation of each artist on Geometry, revealing the many visual and conceptual possibilities that this language offers.

However, there are multiple points of contact in some proposals. On one hand, we find artists who reflect architecture and urban life, who seek to bring the experience of "inhabiting" a city to abstract language through works of large formats and explicit references to speed, pace and life in the cities. 

In this exhibition we present works made with traditional techniques such as oil painting, acrylic and silkscreen, revisited from a contemporary vision. On the other hand, we find artists who use industrial materials to investigate different techniques: leds, car paint, adhesive scotch tapes, magnets are used to renew the geometric language .

Many of these artists are turning to technology in their production, both in the process as in the final result of the work. Works that fall between digital and analog characteristics reflect the importance of the world of information in contemporary society .

Researches of color properties, such as its kinetic qualities, the intensity of the pigments and vibration, even their emotional overtones.

MACBA is intended as a forum for reflection and access to the various trends of contemporary art and, in particular, geometric abstraction, given its historical importance locally and globally. This trend marks the profile of our collection, and is its main object of study and research.

This exhibition is presented as an opportunity to think about the validity of the geometric language in Argentina, which, under the permanent renewal of each individual artist, is constantly updated.

MACBA - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires