Alyce Santoro: Just a Snow Cricket Stridulating & the Universe Being Born

Dec 2, 2018 8:25AM

[turn up the speakers ] ♪ 🎶

THE TRIANGLE IS THE STRONGEST SHAPE. According to R. Buckminster Fuller,The entire universe is in tension.” If we could see a universe being born, perhaps this is what it would look (and sound) like. Soundtrack based on one of fm3’s Buddha Machine’s loops:

One evening in 2010, we captured the stridulations of a snowy tree cricket in the mountains of far west Texas. The beginning of the video is real time, actual speed – at the 35-second mark, the recording is slowed down to one-quarter speed. neither the audio nor the video were manipulated:

These audio/visual works by Alyce Santoro presented as part of Time Flies like an Arrow; Fruit Flies like a Banana at Machamux Gallery