The Machamux Mission

Feb 28, 2019 7:47AM

Hey, some of us out here still think art can make a difference.

“Paulie” Machamux Gallery Mascot and Partner

Machamux Gallery’s name and mission are inspired the aboriginal peoples who inhabited the land where the gallery now stands in Westport, Connecticut, USA.

As an intervention of decolonalizism and tribute to the land and its inhabitants, one half acre of property next to the gallery is being rehabiliated and restored to its natural wetlands environment as a nature sanctuary after hundreds of years of agricultural, industrial, and suburbian explotation. This past winter a family of deer took residence in the sanctuary.

A portion of all gallery sales benefits this effort.

Machamux Gallery Nature Sanctuary, Westport

Machamux Gallery Nature Sanctuary, Westport

Long Island Sound near Machamux Gallery, Westport

Machamux Gallery is dedicated to promoting under-represented voices in the artworld — building a platform for artist-as-citizen rather than strictly artist-as-commodity.

The gallery itself is located in converted mid-century home, walking distance from the beach along Long Island Sound.

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