Maja Ilić
Sep 27, 2014 7:50PM

Exibition consist 15 artworks by Robert Rauschenberg. His opus was very wide, so in III parts, I want to show why Robert Rauschenberg was important in American art scene. I will start with his visual identity- as we well know he was doing photography too- and first part if exibition contains 3 art pieces- 1. Self-portrait (for the New Yorker profile), proof of his presence of canvas. Story begins with simple question who is R.R and why is he so important, next work is also his self portrait- stuning photography-Postcard self-portrait that was made in Black mountain colledge. Self portraits always have been important part of presentation of artist. For the end we start with one iconic piece that was revolutional and lead modern art in other direction and other reality of popular culture- Erased de Kooning Drawing. Part II- Black mountain colledge-place where first happening was born, place where R.R. formed himself as an artist and made first frendship. Influence of B.M.C is enormous, and 7 artworks need to be presented to the audience- White painting (7 panels), we all know significance of this painting, her role was important in first performance and here also has leading role, next are few photographs that are keys for R.R life and development- Quiet house, Cunningham dancers, Untitled (John Cage),Merce Cunningham and two combines Trophy I (for Merce Cunningham) and Trophy IV (For John Cage). Intention is to fit together White painting central, and series 3x2. III part is called Popular culture and Iconic works- Retroactive I, Signs, Coca cola plan, Odalisk and Monogram ( with sketch for it if its possible). This is R.R and his legacy, I prefered to make a simple exibition, with his highlights, also didnt felt any need to include other artists cause he worked in a lot of tehniques and contributed to American art spreading his influence until today. Would like to express my most honest opinion- in this exibition I consider that it would be good to include one artwork from Lotus series, 2008., that was a year when he finished his carriere and also absolutely beautiful- Untitled (Japanese Recreational claywork). Part of his art that not many people know and should be aware of. I had chance only to see in Stockholm Monogram (photo attached), and I can definitely say I felt vibrant life in it. So, now is again on my exibition proposal. 

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I am glad I decided to be part of it, consider that this is enough for my basic idea, I am open to suggestions also and I am sure that I dont have need so much to write about R.R. all who are in artworld know what influence he had on modern art. 

Best regards,

Maja Ilic

Maja Ilić