Three Parties, One Night, No Voice

Manuela Paz
Mar 12, 2013 1:35AM

As I lie in bed recovering from the week that was, sucking on the last of my Cepacol throat drops and nursing my feet back to health, I feel a wave of a satisfaction from a job well done and good times had. It's hard to discern which party was the best or most successful as every night offered a different flavor, but one night in particular will forever stick out in my mind. Friday night, March 8th I had the most fun, hit more parties than I thought my age would allow, and thoroughly lost my voice.

Maybe it was the tasty cocktails and good company at a party for Liz Magic Laser at the Wooly, or the thrill of bypassing the line of onlookers at Le Baron for an exclusive event hosted by Artsy, or perhaps the contrasting scene of NADA's grungy Super Long Night party at the smoky China Chalet, but I'm beginning to think being mute contributed to the night's magic. A free pass out of small talk and into a state of observation offered the unique chance to unwind, sit back, and enjoy.

From top to bottom: 1. Drink menu at the Wooly, 2. Ben Allen and Armory Commissioned artist, Liz Magic Laser at the Wooly, 3. The Armory Show's Michelle Darnell and Noah Horowitz at Le Baron,  4. Artsy's own Molly Gottschalk at Le Baron, 5. the Clocktower Gallery's Tim Goosens and Gretchen Wagner of  The Pulitzer Foundation at China Chalet, 6. Robert Miller Gallery's Paul Richert-Garcia with Kate McNamara of Boston University Art Gallery at China Chalet.

Manuela Paz