Meet the Artist: Chris Solcz aka Solczy

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Sep 20, 2019 2:53PM

Christopher Solcz is a Canadian-born artist that grew up in Windsor, Ontario. Known as Solczy in the art world, his flashy work is inspired by everyday life, tattoos, skate, music, street, and fashion subcultures. Often painting as a child, Solczy possessed a creative fire, but it wasn’t until his twenties when he took his love for art from hobby to profession.

“I never took art seriously until I was about 22 when I became super interested in tattoos,” Solczy said. “In hopes of learning how to tattoo I started drawing and painting to create a portfolio; the deeper I got into that I realized I no longer wanted to learn how to tattoo and I got completely obsessed with creating my own work and making it my life.”

Everyone from collectors to collaborators were thankful that he did. In a short time Solczy has grown his body of work into the expansive portfolio that he craved. What’s in his portfolio?

A wide range of lively depictions that emit raw spirit and power.

“I try to take my inspirations at the time and compose them in the most visually energetic and abstract way possible as if to freeze that moment on a canvas,” he said. “I am also drawn to a lot of psychedelic imagery and music so that definitely plays a role in my aesthetics.”

Orange & Blue No. 1 by Solczy

Blue No. 2 by Solczy

Another significant influence that molded the mind of Solczy came in his visits to Detroit, Michigan. Just a two-mile trip from Windsor by bridge or tunnel is all it takes to go from one country to the next, and Solczy often found himself in Detroit exploring its unique art, architecture, and culture.

“Detroit has been a big inspiration in my work. I enjoy the energy there and spending time and exploring different areas, checking out all the street art and galleries,” he said. “It has such history, rawness, and realness that I can feel every time I go. I hope to portray some of this rawness and energy through my own work.”

Solczy naturally displayed his work in Detroit alongside a major collaborator. In March 2018 he produced a month long pop up show at John Varvatos in the heart of Downtown Detroit, and he recently collaborated with the store again in August.

If you drive by the chic store in Detroit you will see Solczy’s work in the window with more displayed inside.

The project titled, “Remains of Rock and Roll”, was created by Solczy to portray fragments of rock and roll culture and iconic rock imagery; another influence in his work and life.

“Most of my work for the show was inspired by music and movements from the 60’s fused together with my abstract modern style and heavy use of vibrant and neon colours to invoke a sense of energy bordering on the psychedelic,” Solczy said.

Solczy is a rare artist; confident in his craft while constantly widening his range and movement. His art brings energy and bold palettes on all types of mediums, and his hustle deliver results that collaborators and art enthusiasts adore.

His own energy sets him apart from the masses and Marcel Katz quickly took notice, adding him to The Art Plug team this year. Solczy is a prime example of how commitment to a craft can take you far in any path in life, but he knows this is just the beginning.

“My #1 biggest goal for the near future is to have my own solo show in a city close to me like Detroit or Toronto, anywhere would be amazing, but those would be my dream cities for a first show. Aside from that would be to collaborate with some brands because I am also into design (particularly clothing and fashion) and to hopefully open myself up to more opportunities to help good causes and spread positivity through my work.” - Solczy

Solczy’s work has been displayed during Art Basel in Spectrum and Red Dot, and The Global Gift Foundation auction 2018 hosted by Eva Longoria. His work is also on display in the private collections of many, including figures like Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, and Richie Hawtin.

“One of my proudest moments was having one of my paintings auctioned at The Global Gift Foundation charity gala during this past 2018 Miami Art Week to raise money for children in need; finding out that the painting was purchased by Serena Williams and her husband was a cool moment for me,” Solczy said.

A Really Good Day by Solczy

Pink No. 1 by Solczy

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