The Art Plug Editorial: Revolue

Marcel Katz Art
Apr 11, 2019 4:23PM

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Marcus Vinisiuc D’ Andrea Coelho draws inspiration from observations and human expressions found in everyday life. Known as Revolue in the art world, his paintings are abstract yet fully realized, often reflecting the people and culture around him. The test of time transforms our facial structure and displays our personality and experiences; Revolue’s emulates this notion with vivid depictions of abstract faces.

“I like to observe the way people live, the reactions and all the expressions especially in the faces. I get inspired by everything; cuisine chef’s, sushimans, animals, young artists, old artists, underground lifestyles, noises, and what the universe sends to me to appreciate,” Revolue said.

Revolue’s dedication to his craft is rooted in comprehensive experience in research and artistic development. Since he was two years old, experimentation has been a key component to his creative process and he has lived by that approach to this day.

“I like to express myself while painting with no subjects or rules to guide me,” Revolue said. “I like to mix anything I have at the moment, from street art concepts to fine art techniques.”

His seamless blend of styles, colors, and moods are attributed to his willingness to let imagination flow. Revolue creates unmatched designs by blending crayons, paint, or techniques. His no-hold-barred approach to the creative process leads to work that emits unique character, and galleries around the world took notice.

“I normally say that the process is more important than the result,” he said. “I don’t plan my paintings, I just let it go and what you see on the canvas are a frame of time.”

Revolue had works exhibited in his hometown of Sao Paulo, New York, Amsterdam, Korea, Melbourne, Lisbon, Paris, and he carries a strong following with collectors around the world. One collector invited Revolue to paint a 30 meter canvas in their home.

His simple message, “Think...always think,” is something that he and his art effortlessly embrace with thought-provoking images throughout his impressive portfolio. Revolue is making a mark on the current art scene, but his reach is only growing.

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