The lovely language of those rocky peaks, those mirrored waters...Naturalism meets Symbolism. An eerie wonderland.

Marcia Sussiek
Jul 13, 2013 4:44PM

It is a marvel to gaze upon, this painting from Eugen Bracht.  Das Gestade der Vergessenheit.

Up close and personal the painting is enormous. Larger than what some peoples livingrooms could dream to accomodate. Not only am I left awe strück at the detail and drive that the Artist applied to his work, but this work on a smaller canvas would have truely lost it's impact.

It's initial effect is quite  jungian - calling up that echo of our DNA. An all to honest reminder how we people are so wrought with triviality and systems that only make sense to us and nothing else. What is a downtown of any given city to the magestic pillars of upward jetting stone? What of all the noise and bustle to that of the sound of nothingness and of wind?

Forgetting the life of  'civilized' Man.

A proclaimation that nature does not require our order of things. Nature knows it's composition. Requires no permission, no other order than it's own perfect chaos. The stones and skulls so at peace and in tranquility, nestled in their throws of snow. Dawn or dusk, tide in or tide out? The mountain doesn't question why. It is the same, this coming and going. And I think those skulls on the stoney shores find it better there than in some box in the ground. At least I think my skull would when the time comes for me to 'forget'.

Marcia Sussiek