Astonishing Tel-Aviv

Marco Botticelli
Jul 26, 2014 7:31AM

I was lucky enough to spend 2 months in Tel Aviv in May and June for work, just before the most recent (and unfortunate) events started.

It was staggering to experience and learn about the art scene there. Vibrant, refreshing, and most of all, deeply embedded in the culture.

Just take a walk down the south side of the city (Florentine area) to bump into one of the many exhibitions of local emerging artists, or stop by one of the few galleries in Gordon street. where you can admire works from Yaacov Agam or Lea Nickel (dear Artsy, time to add Lea to the list).

If however, I had to pick two artists up and that blew me away, I'd say Michael Argov (dear Artsy, same suggestion as above) and Anisa Ashkar.

The first, may be because of the textures, materials he used and history he represents. The second because she is a contemporary, extremely talented and eclectic artist. Or may be, just because I had the pleasure to meet up with Nelly from the Aman Gallery which told me so much about both of them. Truly inspiring.

I wish the the conflict in the area will end soon, so that you can experience yourself the amazing scene there. May be you will end up falling in love and bring some inspiring pieces home. It happened to me, and I am enclosing a few pics of two works from Michael and Anisa. Enjoy.


Marco Botticelli