My Highlights from Moving Image Istanbul 2014

Mari Spirito
Sep 17, 2014 10:34PM

My Selection:

David Wojnarowicz, Beautiful People, 1988, at P.P.O.W. 

David Wojnarowicz—because he was easily one of the most important artists of his generation who captured the struggles and concerns of New York in the ’80s, and the fight against AIDS. Beautiful People embodies his humanity and unwavering “attempt to awaken social consciousness and transform the world’s disdain into a powerful indictment against intolerance and apathy,” as Dan Cameron once said.

Basim Magdy, Time Laughs Back At You Like A Sunken Ship, 2012, at artSümer

Basim Magdy—because his seemingly random parings of image and text lead us through self absorbed, immersive devices that offer odd reflections on society. In Time Laughs Back At You Like A Sunken Ship, we step into a world inside a world, inside a world, that has the possibility to wake us up from being consumed by navel-gazing and self-annihilation.

Nancy Atakan and Volkan Aslan, Any Questions?, 2014, at 5533

Nancy Atakan and Volkan Aslan—because this work utilizes self-organized impulse which is a relevant and driving force in the current context. Any Questions? accurately reflects sentiments of uncertainty of many individuals working in the art community in Istanbul, and elsewhere, either alone or in collaboration.

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Mari Spirito