My Highlights from ARCOmadrid

María de Corral
Feb 11, 2014 3:37PM

My Selection:

Santiago Giralda, Iceberg, 2014, at Moisés Pérez De Albéniz

Using one of the purest pictorial practices in existence today as a starting point, Santiago Giralda has created a whirlwind around which his world is revealed. Image alteration processes such as collages or digital techniques have allowed him to extract the images which will appear on his canvases. His working method very much takes into account the fact that the image is conditioned by the way in which it is displayed, and therefore uses very direct and colouristic figuration which is always full of chaos and movement.

Hans Op de Beeck, Back, 2013, at Galerie Krinzinger

Hans Op de Beeck works in sculpture, installations, video, photography, animated films, drawing, painting, and writing and show the viewer non-existent, but identifiable places, moments and characters that appear to have been taken from everyday life. Investigating the relationship between reality and representation, Op de Beeck’s visual output reflects a keen interest in representing social and cultural phenomena through images that envelop the viewer. 

João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, The corner edges of objects appear rounded at faraway distances, 2012, at Graça Brandão

Gusmão and Paiva’s silent short films are visually minimal and simply produced; they feature low-tech special effects, and have a purposefully aged look to them that recalls the silent movies of the 1920s. They depict a strange and subtly fabulous universe.

Primož Bizjak, Calle Amparo No. 19, 2007, at Galerija Gregor Podnar The photographs of Primož Bizjak transform reality in images where light and space become protagonists.

Jane and Louise Wilson, The silence is twice as fast backwards I, 2008, at Galería Helga de Alvear The twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson create stories in their photographs and videos that are always based in real facts. Carlos Garaicoa, En Construcción (VI), 2012, at Galería Elba Benítez

I have followed Carlos Garaicoa ever since the 90s. His work deals with space, architecture, history and  Cuban reality, always from a philosophical and sociological point of view. 

Mariana Palma, Untitled, 2013, at Casa Triângulo 

An explosion of life and nature appears always in Mariana Palma’s work. She represents the baroque spirit of the Brazilian culture. Her paintings follow the tradition of Beatriz Milhazes

Kiki Smith, Known, 2008, at Barbara Gross

Kiki Smith employs non-traditional materials such as enlarged polaroids, beeswax, etc. She addresses spiritual aspects of human nature. Her work is layered with meaning and metaphor.

Liliana Porter, Forced Labor, 2014, at Baginski, Galeria/Projectos

Liliana Porter is one of the most representative Latin American artists. Her work always deals with life, history, humor and criticism.Through videos, objects, paintings and installations she invites us to think over our lives.

Elina Brotherus, Le deuil du jeune moi qui a été, 2011, at Ama

Elina Brotherus explores the relation of photography to art history. In her work there is always an autobiographical approach which I find really interesting. 

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María de Corral