Marina Nogueira
Feb 12, 2014 3:42PM

Mamushkas Project

Mariana Jasovich, Buenos Aires, Aergentina



Mamushkas , is an artistic and personal project , which began in 2011 with a physical and oral research on female family line maternal and paternal side. It is a response to the generational succession and progressive loss of knowledge of and about our own origin stories , disinterest , absences and omissions .

Was surveyed for this purpose , each of the photographic archives of the various families involved in this genealogy , seeking to put in each image of the constituent members of the most direct line of descent. It was sought to compile more documents , data and memories to organize a timeline and the dense and complex story of our family history .

The artistic anchor of this concern is to materialize the hybrid and chaotic multiplicity of my heritage , traditions, values ​​, idiosyncrasy , ideology, culture and knowledge. Condensing the diverse and dispersed , do it” body” : The Mamushkas . " Matrioshkas or babushkas " .

Those who were witnesses of the time, my fellow playground, who added together own identity , who by acts of inserts proliferate inside out and vice versa ... these pieces mothers, grandmothers , daughters position us in a smooth and strong line of belonging without intention , just to be , or have been.

" Sheine cleine méidele " . New Little and cute doll , perhaps? This is my nomination in Yiddish , given by my grandparents ,when I was  just born .

Prophecy ? ,  Predestination  or return ?

 Mariana Jasovich

Mariana Jasovich lives and Works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This “Mamushkas Project” was presented at “Buenos Aires Museum Night”, November 2013

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Marina Nogueira