Photographer Andre Plessel has NYC debut at Lilac Gallery

Mark Ilitzky
Dec 9, 2014 8:13PM

International art photographer Andre Plessel presented his debut New York City exhibit “Andre Plessel: Visions” at the Lilac Gallery at 144 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. Plessel’s exhibit featured his signature dramatic, erotic art photographs in black and white, along with a series of his unique new color processed photographs, which garnered a huge amount of attention at his recent “Processed Photographs” exhibit at the Monika Mohr Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.

As Lilac Gallery co-owner Cindy Shaoul explains, "Lilac Gallery is honored to have Andre Plessel presenting his art with us for the very first time in New York City. As an artist, he not only captures the true beauty in women, but breaths beauty into each and every one of his subjects. His outstanding vision and deep sense of connection with his subjects is what creates these exquisite pieces of art."

His “processed photographs” feature Plessel’s own unique process of adding color to the black and white images by hand, which are then exposed by a developer liquid applied with a brush, thus creating a dramatic new aesthetic look. Each of these photographs is uniquely “one-of-kind” making them even more desirable.

The show featured his signature black and white silver gelatin photographs that are hand-printed and signed, along with his color-processed black and white prints, also signed. For over 22 years now, Plessel has been driven by his ultimate passion, that of black and white photography. His artwork creates dramatic, romantic and delicate images with great attention to his own style of lighting. It has been said that his artistic photographs convey and play upon sensual tension, as opposed to blatant sexuality.

For many years Plessel has lived simultaneously in Munich, Germany and Miami, Fla., while also traveling the world. Over the years, he has worked extensively in London, Milan, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. As many art world insiders know, Plessel’s work has often been compared to that of his longtime friend and collaborator Helmut Newton, with whom he traveled and worked with in Europe and the U.S.

“ANDRE PLESSEL: VISIONS” was on view at the Lilac Gallery from October 17 - November 6, 2014

Video: Andre Plessel "Processed Photographs" exhibit in Hamburg, Germany, June 2014

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Mark Ilitzky