Marko Stout Debuts Film at Art Basel

Marko Stout
Jan 25, 2014 7:15PM

South Beach, Miami -- Thinner Then Ice” is a short art film (MicroCinema event) by the famed New York City artist Marko Stout, which debuted at the favorite winter meeting place for the international art world, Art Basal in South Beach Miami 2013. Art Basel is the world's premier international art show for modern and contemporary works.

“Thinner Then Ice” is a video project which creates an ambiguous dream-like, other-worldly atmosphere full of symbolic Jungian archetypes. The film features Andrina Nowak, a disheartened Greenwich Village waitress and art student. Andrina inquisitorially gazes out on a rainy street as an eccentric group of city residents walk pass on the adjacent gloomy wet sidewalk. The odd real- life Fellinian characters include a bizarre street clown, a man walking a goat, an irrational Romanian, an Elmo Muppet-like suited gentleman and brief cameo appearance by the artist-director himself (Marko Stout).  

Marko’s “Thinner Then Ice” is a bizarrely impressionistic, serious artistic work of unconventional and highly symbolic content offering the viewer a weird examination of our reality-show, celebrity obsessed, Warholian fifteen-minute fame infatuated culture. 

Marko Stout