My Highlights from arteBA 2014

Marlise Ilhesca Jozami
May 19, 2014 1:59PM

These works summarize the rich scenario of modern and contemporary Argentine artists, whose creative process was and is impregnated with images of art history, irreverence, and a commitment to their day-to-day surroundings. Berni, with his characters that carry the weight of a harsh reality; Hlito recreating figuration; Miño with his stairway-labyrinths, which recapture the aesthetic tradition of the Bauhaus school; Gordín and his playful universe filled with mystery; and Sacco with her eyes that perplexed visitors to the 2001 Venice Biennial.

My Selection:

Antonio Berni, Los emigrantes, Homenaje a Segall, 1956, at Galeria Sur

Alfredo Hlito, Sin título, 1992, at Alejandro Faggioni - Estudio De Arte

Jorge Miño, Behind the Invisible, 2014, at Praxis

Sebastián Gordín, Florece en la Adversidad, at Galeria Oscar Cruz

Graciela Sacco, De la serie ENTRE NOSOTROS, 2001, at Rolf Art

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Marlise Ilhesca Jozami