My Highlights from SP-Arte 2014

My Selection:
, Structures: House near Phuthaditjhaba. QwaQwa. 1 May 1989, 1989, at Galería Elba Benítez
Goldblatt’s photographs during this period document the social and psychic structures of life lived under the South African apartheid. This is a great photo from a great artist that belongs to his extensive photographic essays. I like to think of this claustrophobic wall as a metaphor of the broader political context, with narrow windows and horizons.
, God and Goods - Villa Manin, 2008, at Galerija Gregor Podnar
Dan’s work always puts a smile on my face. I have in my mind a very good show that I saw at OPorto where I first realized how complex his drawings are.
, Changing Cabin (Red), 2014, at Galerie Peter Kilchmann
Tobias Kaspar is a very young and talented Swiss artist and you can see much of his work during the SP-Arte fair. On Friday, April 4th, KUNSTHALLE São Paulo presents “The Air on the Way to the Oyster,” his first solo show in Brazil. You will see a series of new photographs exhibited as part of an installation specially designed for this independent space at Pinheiros run by Marina Coelho.
I would like to visit José Bezerra and his homeplace at Vale do Catimbau, Pernambuco. I’m fascinated by the way he works and I hope I can find a way to visit him... 
, Conversa | Conversation, 2013, at Galeria Filomena Soares
Last year, in his solo exhibition “Spell,” Pedro Barateiro presented an installation with a silkscreened black symbol that reminds us immediately of the company Amazon’s logo. He installed some paintings very similar to this work, Conversation, where we can recognize the arbitrariness of sign systems in their supposed functionality and symbolic logic. 
, Nau, 2011-2013, at SPROVIERI
“Time present and time past/ Are both perhaps present in time future,/ And time future contained in time past./ If all time is eternally present/ All time is unredeemable.”—T.S. Eliot