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Aug 15, 2018 3:57PM

Martin Lawrence Galleries will hold its live fine art auctions on September 28 and 29, 2018, filled with a variety of artworks created by some of the greatest artists of our time. All works of art are offered at attractive prices with exceptional saving opportunities. Among internationally renowned artists you will find names such as Warhol, Haring, Murakami, Picasso, Miró, Dalí and Kostabi to name just a few.

We are holding this fall’s live auction at two locations—Dallas, Texas and Costa Mesa, California. You have an opportunity to purchase immediately throughout our nine gallery locations or bid in person at the live auctions.

Martin Lawrence Galleries offers a rich catalog with a wide range of pricing starting at $500. Consisting of more than 900 lots, this auction is a great opportunity for aspiring collectors, design enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike to purchase historically significant artwork.

Lot 196, Andy Warhol acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, 60 x 60 inch.

One of the first pieces to be auctioned off is Andy Warhol’s“The Witch”—created with electric pastels, lurid green and a vivid pink background. This artwork is part of Andy Warhol’s Myths suite where he drew from history, literature and films to redefine mythology in a modern context. For the execution of this particular work, Warhol invited Margaret Hamilton, the actress who portrayed the Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz, to recreate her iconic pose in his workshop.

Lot 216, Sam Francis, Untitled, 1994 (SFP94 - 131.1801) acrylic on canvas, 17 x 11 inches.

Next up is an untitled acrylic on canvas by Sam Francis. Created in 1994 this masterpiece is part of Sam Francis The Last Works, a brilliant group of 152 artworks, created before his death in 1994. For a number of years Sam Francis was unable to paint. Suffering from illness, he was able to create only a few works on paper. In the beginning of 1994 Sam Francis regained his power to work in the studio and paint. From then on, there was one colorful volcanic eruption after another. The paintings that had been imprisoned in his body now poured forth, each one being an affirmation of life for Sam Francis.

Takashi Murakami, Left: Lot 33, And Then, and then...Center: Lot 234, Flowerball (3D) Right: Lot 223 Jellyfish Eyes

The artwork of contemporary artist Takashi Murakami is also on auction with Mr. Dob, Flower-themed artwork and his “eye” motif. Takashi Murakami is known for coining the term ‘Superflat’ in 2001. Based on the compilation and compression of centuries worth of Japanese “Flat” art aesthetics, and inspired by the country’s distinctively unique Post—WWII anime and manga craze, he inspired other artists to join him putting Japan on the art world map.

Lot 51, Keith Haring, Growing #4, 1988, unique trail-proof hand-signed screenprint, 30 x 40

This auction would not be complete without Keith Haring’s graffiti-inspired drawings and paintings. His vivid vocabulary of hand-drawing symbols, such as zapping spaceships and barking dogs, raised provocative contemporary issues and spoke to both his generation and those that followed.

While his visual iconography has become part of popular culture, his profound commitment to social justice has been less recognized. We are proud to offer some of his finest works at this fall’s auction.

Lot 74, Chloe's Judgement ( Daphnis & Chloe, M315), hand-signed lithograph, 17 x 25 inches

Instilled with romance and intrigue, some of Marc Chagall’s stunning color lithograph series Daphnis and Chloé are part of Martin Lawrence Galleries Fall auction. Based on the ancient pastoral tale of Daphnis and Chloé, which captures the triumphs and tragedies of young love, and eloquently composed by the ancient Greek poet Longus this remarkable tale follows the lives of Daphnis and Chloé as they journey on a path towards true love and happiness. Marc Chagall’s Daphnis and Chloé was commissioned by Teriade in 1956. Chagall spent five years of his life, from 1956-1961, creating 42 color lithographs to visually narrate this classic tale.

Among the auction lots are Martin Lawrence Galleries represented artists such as Philippe Bertho, François Fressinier, Robert Deyber, René Lalonde, Kerry Hallam, Liudmila Kondakova and Erté, the father of Art Deco.

To find out more about Martin Lawrence Galleries Fall Auction follow the link to the auction page.  https://martinlawrence.com/auction/artwork/

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