Being An Arab Is A Bless Or Less?!

Artsy Editors
Jun 18, 2014 7:38PM

Being an Arab, whether in the Middle East or in born and raised in West, is a Bless or Less? A burden or pride? something to be ashamed of source of ‘happiness’? Well the word ‘happy’ doesn’t really fit into the context… Do you carry the same ‘Arab’ identity no matter where you go & live? Is it labeled as a source of endless judgments by others (westerns or Arabs in West or back home) And is it necessary to live outside your country for whatever reason, to be considered as a second or third citizen (in some cases, resident or stranger no matter how many years you spent in the hosting country) As one can be in his hometown, born and live there, yet struggle to find his / her own identity…

The question is What is Arab identity?!

Two artists, visual Riffat Ahmed & performer Sarah El Hamed collaborate together to begin a journey of identity identification in their project ARA-B-LESS. ARA-B-LESS is an active collaboration initiated by a conversation between the two artists; it is about the representation of their identity as seen by themselves and the Other, as ‘Arab’ born women and having lived in the West, it will launch June 5 with a performance titled ‘Prelude’ at Galerie TALMART, Paris. (Read full article at: )

Artsy Editors