Masterpiece Sculpture Series

Masterpiece London
Jun 27, 2022 9:13AM

Joseph Bernard, The Water Carrier, 1910 (Exhibited by The Sladmore Gallery); Marie Watt, Skywalker/Skyscraper (London Tower), 2022 (Exhibited by Marc Straus); Zak Ové, Invisible Man, 2016 (Exhibited by VIGO Gallery).

Our 2022 Sculpture Series, curated by Melanie Vandenbrouck, Curator of Sculpture at the V&A, showcases dynamic works from across history throughout the Fair.

From the personal to the political and the universal, sculpture past and present has often reflected on identity, the human condition and societal changes. Exploring the multifaceted languages of modern and contemporary sculpture, this selection considers innovative investigations of form and matter, and how other disciplines may inform and enrich sculptural practice, whether through the collision of art and science, conjuring up literary influences or looking down the lens of history.

Some of the selected works stand as contemplative, timeless witnesses to a long figurative tradition. Others offer a playful take on domesticity and everyday life. Others still make us dig deeper into our roots and sense of selves. In reflecting on the challenges of our times, sculpture invites us to think about our shared experience. This, perhaps, may encourage us to think long term in a short-term world, or, as philosopher Roman Krznaric invites us to, be ‘good ancestors’.

Melanie Vandenbrouck is Curator of Sculpture, 1900–Now at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Prior to this she was Curator of Art post-1800, at Royal Museums Greenwich, where she curated the Contemporary Arts Programme and the major exhibition, The Moon. She trained at the Ecole du Louvre and Sorbonne University in Paris, and earned her PhD from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Sculpture Series

1. Robert Indiana,ONE through ZERO (Cor-ten steel), 1978 - 2003 (Exhibited by Waddington Custot)

2. David Annesley, Untitled, 1969 (Exhibited by Waddington Custot)

3. Patrick Hurst, We Are Water, 2022 (Exhibited by Long-Sharp Gallery)

4. Zak Ové, Invisible Man, 2016 (Exhibited by VIGO Gallery)

5. Bernar Venet, 222.5 Arc x4, 2001 (Exhibited by Vertes)

6. William Turnbull, Female (1990), 1990 (Exhibited by Offer Waterman)

7. Andrew Miller, Ava Grace, 2020 (Exhibited by Ingleby)

7. Andrew Miller, Ella Rose, 2021 (Exhibited by Ingleby)

7. Andrew Miller, Mary Kate, 2022 (Exhibited by Ingleby)

8. Joseph Bernard, The Water Carrier, 1910 (Exhibited by Sladmore)

9. William Turnbull, Head (1957), 1957 (Exhibited by Offer Waterman)

10. Emily Young, Freestone Angel, c.1999 (Exhibited by Bowman Sculpture)

11. Marie Watt, Skywalker/Skyscraper (London Tower), 2022 (Exhibited by Marc Straus)

12. Barry Flanagan, Six Foot Leaping Hare on Steel Pyramid, 1990 (Exhibited by Waddington Custot)

13. Cathie Pilkington, Dachshund, 2009 (Exhibited by Marlborough)

13. Cathie Pilkington, Dick, 2009 (Exhibited by Marlborough

13. Cathie Pilkington, Elsie, 2009 (Exhibited by Marlborough)

14. Angela Palmer, The Last Frontier, 2021 (Exhibited by Pangolin London

15. Lynn Chadwick, Walking Woman, 1984 (Exhibited by Osborne Samuel)

16. Eleanor Lakelin,Column Series: Pillar I, 2021 (Exhibited by Sarah Myerscough Gallery)

Masterpiece London