Introducing Reading Material! Material Art Fair's New Editorial Program

Material Art Fair
Jan 29, 2019 3:32PM

Image courtesy of Material Art Fair

READING MATERIAL is our new program, which is dedicated to present art book publishers in Material. In response to the fairs wild spirit, we conceived a place where books can be found everywhere, where we can approach their editors in new and different ways.

Located in the third floor of the fair’s multilevel structure, READING MATERIAL creates a playground within the fair’s context which allows for the a relatable relationship with printed formats in circulation and the exhibition of contemporary art. We believe that books can serve as devices for exchange as well as for the guardianship of ideas, which is why we are interested in exploring the plurality and complexity of their contents. With 36 proposals from 10 different countries, we can read different realities within the thousands of pages presented. For this experience, we have decided to eliminate tables along with their physical mediation. In exchange, we created an exhibition space with no precedents. With this format we hope exhibitors can move freely, appropriating and enjoying the space around them.

From this first encounter of editors, artists and art spaces, we want READING MATERIAL to become the place where we can stop and take in the fair’s experience with the company of greats books. Through the fair lasts only 4 days, we hope the books you find in READING MATERIAL can be your company while waiting for the next year’s edition of Material.

Material Art Fair