Material Art Fair 2019: About the Fair

Material Art Fair
Jan 23, 2019 7:54PM
Ana Roldán
Sculpture 1 (Tissue) Pink/Black, 2018
Instituto de Visión

In 2019, Material will celebrate its sixth edition from February 7 to 10 in the Frontón México, an Art Deco-style sports arena located next to the imposing Monument to the Revolution, in the heart of Mexico City.

This sixth edition will once again inhabit the iconic multilevel structure that debuted last February, designed by the architectural studio of the CDMX: APRDELESP, appropriating as an intervention the main court of jai alai of Frontón México.

Material organizers hope to see you during the most important and exciting week for contemporary art in Mexico City, at an art fair that is really like no other in the world.

Material Art Fair