Alfred Barr on art and access...

Matthew Israel
Jan 3, 2013 8:02PM
Forty-Second Street, New York, 1964
Danziger Gallery

"A work of art is an infinitely complex focus of human experience. The mystery of its creation, its history, and the rise and fall of its esthetic, documentary, sentimental, and commercial values, the endless variety of its relationships to the other works of art, its physical condition, the meaning of its subject, the technique of its production, the purpose of the man who made it— all these factors lie behind a work of art, converge upon it, and challenge our powers of analysis and publication. And they should be made accessible to other scholars and intelligible to the man off the street." 

-Alfred H. Barr, Jr., 1946

(Quote introduces this 2001 essay by Hilton Kramer in The New Criterion)

Matthew Israel