Matthew Israel
Mar 5, 2013 1:51AM

After seeing Felix Gonzalez-Torres' works installed at the New Museum's “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” I thought of the following (amazing) quote from FGT regarding one of his lightstrings:

I don’t necessarily know how these pieces are best displayed. I don’t have all the answers–you decide how you want it done. Whatever you want to do, try it. This is not some Minimalist artwork that has to be exactly two inches to the left and six inches down. Play with it, please. Have fun. Give yourself that freedom. Put my creativity into question, minimize the preciousness of the piece. It is much easier and safer for an artist to just frame something. There is meaning, as we know, in everything we do.

Juxtaposing the quote with a Dan Flavin to flesh out the contrast and show what FGT was reacting to/engaging with.)

Matthew Israel