Penelope Umbrico Named One of "The Greatest Masters in the History of Abstract Photography" in WIDEWALLS

Matthew Gardocki
Jun 15, 2016 6:54PM

The gallery is very proud to share this wonderful article on the leading photo-based abstract artists working today from Swiss art magazine WIDEWALLS titled THESE ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHERS REDEFINE PERCEPTION OF THE REAL featuring Mark Moore Gallery artist Penelope Umbrico.

21,887,750 Suns from Sunset from Flickr (Partial) 06/27/2014, 2014
Mark Moore Gallery

Penelope Umbrico is named—alongside Wolfgang Tillmans, Aaron Siskind, Thomas Ruff, Barbara Kasten, William Klein, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Kim Keever, Ori Gersht, and Ellen Careyas one of the leaders in contemporary abstract photography at this time.


"What exactly is it that makes abstraction in photography so distinct and alluring? The truth is that abstract photographers can turn anything into a concept, an idea, a metaphysical interpretation of an element of reality. It is their choice of composition, point of view, focus and technical approach, among other things, that makes all the difference, as they transform the world as we know it into an abstract web of forms, lines and colors. Ever since the Surrealist masters, this form of image-making has been among the most popular – but also the most challenging ones, as its artists continued to prove the fact that photography isn’t just a simple click of a shutter – au contraire! It takes a lot of creativity and imagination to see beyond the surface and capture the invisible – which is why these particular photo makers now stand out as those who have set the bar for generations to come." -Art critic Angie Kordic in WIDEWALLS

You can read the full article in Widewalls here.

Matthew Gardocki