On Tal R

Matthew Israel
Mar 26, 2013 7:34PM

We forget to look at art. Instead, we too quickly get caught up discussing art history or the latest news of what’s happening in contemporary art, or whatever else is on our minds. In galleries and museums, we also seem to like looking at other people (and our phones) just as much as the art. 

Tal R’s work, however, reminds us to stop and look. His titles tell us little and his pictures appear strange. But his works are not impenetrable or ungenerous, superficial or ironic. Their strangeness, akin to that of the Surrealists, lures us in. It makes us question how we conceive of the fabric of reality and our complacency with that which is deemed familiar...

(This is an excerpt from my recent essay on Tal R. Read more here.)

Matthew Israel