Deceptive Cadences

Mayors Parlour Gallery
Sep 26, 2014 3:53PM

Deceptive Cadences

5th  – 26th September 
Opening Friday 5th September 2014, 6-10pm

Mayor’s Parlour Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Tamsin Casswell and Barbara Wesolowska, curated by Emily Hussey.

  Deceptive Cadences


I always forget to clean my ears; not the waxy tunnel that I hear through - that always gets a post-bath-cotton bud - but the surface between the world and my inner ear. 
 It’s part of a collection of skin that is, in many ways, forgettable...My temples rarely get washed as they are in the nether land that lies outside the facial cleansing routine, and the hair wash. Areas of no discernible importance.

Considering I wash in the same way everyday, there must be many of these areas of microbial wasteland that are neglected, usually until something goes wrong. The boil under my fringe I found quite by chance recently for example. A patch of skin protected from the sun, but otherwise a sweaty inch of forehead that both the world, and my flannel never encounters.

Within the repetition of our lives, it is often failures in the system like this that can lead us to consciousness, and often the habits we adopt that can lead us away from it...
 So here we are, struggling daily on, flannelling ourselves and trying more and more as the years go by, to build a system within our lives and ourselves capable of supporting heavy loads, and fortifying us against attack... Mend. Improve. Harmonise.

We have to be grateful then, for the deceptive cadences in-between - the tenuous, anxious and restless states, that allow for the march to become a meandering away from the attempt at order and resolution in our lives, towards other shadier places of interest.

 Emily Hussey

Tamsin Casswell born 1984 Leeds, lives and works in London, studied MFA Art Practice at Goldsmiths College. See

Barbara Wesolowska born 1984 Poland, lives and works in London, currently studying painting at the Royal College of Art. See


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