RETNA: Street Art's Rosetta Stone

Megan Newcome
Jan 30, 2013 10:00PM

"All the best art is past, present, and future combined, and this is what RETNA is doing." - Jeffrey Deitch

The hieroglyphic nature of RETNA's work makes him one of street art's most distinctive scribes. His recordings signify graffiti's cultural ascendance – from criminalized vandalism, to museum arriviste, to its current canonical status in contemporary art. 

RETNA's brushstrokes feel as sacred as language itself, like an ancient decree unlocking a coded history of rituals, conquests, and myths – artifacts that affirm, to later civilizations, that 'we were here.'

Additional images: Louis Vuitton, Miami | RETNA, Los Espiritus, 2011

Megan Newcome