My Highlights from Art Stage Singapore 2015

My Selection:

Lei Wang, “China Daily” From Jan.1 2013 to Dec. 31 in 2013, No.3, 2013, at Eternal Art Space 

Lei Wang is very clever in turning an archive (here, a newspaper) into a work of art. He is very meticulous in every detail of his work.

Wawi Navarroza, TIERRA SALVAJE n III, 2014, at Silverlens

In this particularly interesting work, Wawi Navarroza combines her photos with mixed-media drawings, contrasting the reality captured by photography with her interpretation of that particular image.

Wu Jian’an, The Mountain Trapping the Dragon, 2014, at Beautiful Asset Art Project

Izumi Akiyama, Work II, 2014, at Kobayashi Gallery

Although the artist is still young, her mastery of pencil on paper is fascinating.

Titarubi, Imago Mundi, 2013, at Galerie Michael Janssen

Titarubi presents her interpretation of Indonesia’s history as the Dutch East Indies under colonial rule, using gold-plated whole nutmeg. What lies behind the nutmeg is a dark, brutal history of conquest in the Bandas Islands.

Leandro Erlich, The Cloud (2014) Dog head, 2014, at Art Front Gallery