My Highlights from Art Stage Singapore 2015

My Selection:
, “China Daily” From Jan.1 2013 to Dec. 31 in 2013, No.3, 2013, at Eternal Art Space 
Lei Wang is very clever in turning an archive (here, a newspaper) into a work of art. He is very meticulous in every detail of his work.
, TIERRA SALVAJE n III, 2014, at Silverlens
In this particularly interesting work, Wawi Navarroza combines her photos with mixed-media drawings, contrasting the reality captured by photography with her interpretation of that particular image.
, The Mountain Trapping the Dragon, 2014, at Beautiful Asset Art Project
, Work II, 2014, at Kobayashi Gallery
Although the artist is still young, her mastery of pencil on paper is fascinating.
, Imago Mundi, 2013, at Galerie Michael Janssen
Titarubi presents her interpretation of Indonesia’s history as the Dutch East Indies under colonial rule, using gold-plated whole nutmeg. What lies behind the nutmeg is a dark, brutal history of conquest in the Bandas Islands.
, The Cloud (2014) Dog head, 2014, at Art Front Gallery