Metso Maru Neo-Pop Art

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Apr 13, 2014 11:22AM

The artists Metso & Maru have worked in the animation industry for many years. There they learned two things. First, and foremost, the craft of animation, alongside some of the most renowned animation professionals in the world. Second, how to embrace and nurture the inner child. Blending both provided the satisfaction of craft, fuelled by pure joy. It is from this crossroads that both decided to venture into new directions, the way a child would do. Abiding by no rules or following any roadmap. Simply by reaching out on instinct, and aiming for beauty.

The art of Metso & Maru blends ink and pixels. Inspiration and joy leading both artist’s brush and tablet stylus. Paper and digital images flow, mash, render, blend, and flow again. BOOBOO is the resulting centerpiece. It is this character that inhabits the world of Metso & Maru. Honoring the rich Japanese anime heritage, the colorful BOOBOO flies into view and reminds of the sheer magic and beauty that used to be all around.

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Artsy Editors