Re: Selling art on your gallery

Metso Maru
Mar 31, 2014 7:54PM
Dear Mr Ms,
We are the official agent for the artists Metso & Maru.Their Art is inspired by animated series, comics and Manga Pop-Art.The artists Metso & Maru have worked in the animation industry for many years. There they learned two things. First, and foremost, the craft of animation, alongside some of the most renowned animation professionals in the world. Second, how to embrace and nurture the inner child. Blending both provided the satisfaction of craft, fuelled by pure joy. It is from this crossroad that both decided to venture into new directions, the way a child would do. 
Abiding by no rules or following any roadmap. Simply by reaching out on instinct, and aiming for beauty. We love to work with you and have our pop art in a exhibition at your gallery.
hope to hear from you soon

Eddy Haan
Metso&Maru Amsterdam, The NetherlandsRaadhuis straat 22,1016DE
Metso Maru