miart 2018 | MIARTALKS

Mar 20, 2018 8:31PM

Image courtesy of miart.

For the fourth consecutive year, miartalks will be organized in collaboration with In Between Art Film, a production company for artists’ films and experimental video works that supports and encourages dialogue between disciplines and its diffusion in institutional contexts.  

During the three days in which miart will be open to the public, more than 40 international artists, curators, museum directors, and writers will be invited to share their ideas in conversations and roundtables within a specific thematic framework, in keeping with the concept of the miartalks as a multidisciplinary forum.  

Brought together under the title What Can We Imagine?, miartalks 2018 will explore imagination as an essential force that creates and transforms reality, rather than as a form of escape from the present. Together with our speakers, we will explore the individual and collective boundaries of imagination, we will question “where” is it possible to imagine and if there are places where imagining is utopian; how imagination can become a daily exercise and, finally, what can we imagine for a future that is already here?  

Curators:  João Ribas, Deputy Director and Senior Curator, Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto  Fatos Üstek, Director and Chief Curator, David Roberts Art Foundation, London  

For more information, please visit miart's MIARTALKS page here.