miart 2019 | MIARTALKS: Il bene comune

Feb 13, 2019 1:34PM


Il bene comune

The Common Good

A new edition of the miartalks will mark the return of the collaboration between miart and In Between Art Film, the company founded by Beatrice Bulgari in 2012 to foster the exchange between the different artistic languages of our time through the production of artists’ films and documentaries and the support to institutional projects devoted to the moving image.

During the 3 days in which miart will be open to the public, more than 40 international artists, curators, collectors, designers, museum directors and thinkers will participate in panels and conversations within the thematic framework: The Common Good.

We will explore the many meanings of this concept and its very nature: how we create “the Common Good”, how to preserve it in its present and future manifestations.

Together with our speakers, we will survey these topics in connection with the 3 main fields of interest at miart: contemporary art, modern art and design;

Friday 5th Apri: Commissioning, Producing and Collecting in the Context of Economic, Social, and Climatic Changes.

Curated by Matteo Lucchetti, Chief Curator, Visible (citta dell’arte – Fondazione Pistoletto / Fondazione Zegna)

Saturday 6th April: The Recent History of Italian Art as Collective Heritage and its Significance on the International Stage.

Curated by Alberto Salvadori, Director, OAC Fondazione CR di Firenze, Florence and Curator of the Established Masters and Decades sections

Sunday 7th April: Designing the Space and the Uses of the Common Good.

Curated by Hugo Macdonald, Design critic, Journalist and Curator of the Object section