2017 Year in Review

Michael Gibson Gallery
Jan 17, 2018 7:56PM

Thank you to everyone who helped make  2017 a successful year for the artists and clients we work with at  Michael Gibson Gallery. We are passionate about what we do.

March featured early paintings from 1944-1954 by Clark McDougall. The  exhibition followed Clark’s journey from carefree watercolours done in  his early 20s, through to his discovery of the French “Fauve” painters  and the influence of critic Clement Greenberg.

April was a celebration of colour with Ashleigh Bartlett’s solo  exhibition that combined collage and painting, creating interesting  dialogues between the shapes and the painted surfaces.

In July we celebrated with our 19th Annual Sizzling Summer Soiree and  solo exhibitions for both Jonathan Forrest and Colin Muir Dorward.  Forrest dazzled us with a luminous exhibition of new, layered abstract  paintings.

Colin Muir Dorward’s middle gallery exhibition included en-plein-air  paintings of the Thames River: tightly packed landscapes of jumbles of  detritus, sticks, earth and sky.

Our September show, “Three + 3”, included 6 artists who came of age as  artists in London, ON: Greg Curnoe, Murray Favro, Ron Martin, James  Kirkpatrick, Jason McLean and Billy Bert Young.

October was our third solo exhibition for Gathie Falk. In “Mostly Small  Paintings”, Gathie painted for us intimate still-life inspired paintings  that celebrated everyday objects from her life.

At the end of October, we attended, for  the 18th consecutive time, Art Toronto 2017. We curated our booth around  the theme of colour and the female figure. Greg Curnoe’s early rare  1962 “Woman and Mirror” painting and Gordon Rayner’s 1962 construction  of “Two Women” both sold opening night. Erik Olson’s portrait paintings  sold well and Susan Dobson’s photographs of a Canadian art slide  collection sold to a Calgary corporate collection.  Jonathan Forrest’s crisp abstract  paintings were a hit and Hans Wendt’s vibrant watercolours balanced  nicely with Jason McLean’s diaristic drawings, which also found new  homes. We are very proud of our booth and are already working on next  year!

November was our 1st solo exhibition for PEI artist Hans Wendt. Our  exhibition featured nine large-scale watercolour paintings of carefully  composed cut, ripped, folded and torn paint samples. We are pleased that  Wendt’s watercolours are now in private collections in Vancouver,  Toronto and London as well as the permanent collection of Global  Affairs.

Our December exhibition featured rare Ron Martin paintings dating  between 1970–1987. We chose well known examples from Martin’s diverse  body of work: from an early “World Painting”, sumptuous late 1970s  “Black Paintings”, geometric works from his “2, 8, 32, 128” series and  gestural work from 1987.

2017 Secondary Market Highlights

This past year we actively helped our  collectors add unique and rare works to their art collections. We also  assisted them in selling quality paintings as needed.

A highlight of the secondary market  purchases and sales from the past year include: Jack Bush, Jack  Chambers, Alex Colville, Roly Fenwick, Jean McEwen, Ron Martin, Guido  Molinari, Gordon Rayner and Michael Snow.

Are you are looking for specific  paintings to add to your collection? Would you like to sell and start  acquiring younger artists? Do you need to edit your collection? Provide  us with your needs or wishes and we will work hard for you. We are  discreet, professional, and take the time to properly research your  transaction.

We look forward to helping you with your  next acquisition or de-accession. Please contact me directly at  [email protected] or 519.857.4505.  Michael Gibson

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