If you like Pollock, you'll love...

Mike Boyle
Jul 15, 2013 11:55PM

We'd all love to own Jackson Pollock's Number 1, 1949, but none of us ever will. It's hanging in the LA MoCA. And even if it were for sale, it would cost a zillion dollars.

Luckily, the Art Genome Project can help you find works which are very similar for nearly every budget.

Under $50,000

Damien Hirst, Beautiful saucy spit roast it'll all end in tears rug, 2012. (Contact gallery for exact price.)

If you can't have a Pollock, why not a Hirst? This enormous wool rug is reminiscent of Pollock's drip technique. It's not a painting per se but who's going to stop you if you hang it on the wall? And if you do use it as a rug, you won't even have to worry that much about spilling wine on it.

Under $25,000

Ghada Amer & Reza Farkhondeh, Sleeping with Orange Tree Branches #5, 2008. $24,000

Your friends who don't know art might think this gorgeous pigment stained work actually is a Pollock. Your friends who do know art will be impressed that you own a Ghada Amer -- a hot artist whose work has shown in top museums all over the world. It's also nice that the sale of this work also benefits a non-profit.

Lisa Solberg, L.S.1, 2011. $20,000

Can't own a work from a museum? At six feet high and nine feet wide, this monumental drip painting will transform your own home into a museum. It has the same raw kinetic energy as a Pollock, yet also has a soothing quality that will be a pleasure to live with for many years.

Under $10,000

Mark Wiener, Untitled - Street Markings, 2012. $5,200

Wiener has several works on Artsy at this size and price, but this one is my favorite. It's an interesting combination of graphite and splattered paint, it's very sizable for the price, and what's really nice is that it's an original piece, not a print. Very rare at this size and price range.

Under $5,000

Joe Fig, Inka's Floor, 2008. $1,350

Despite its very reasonable price, this one might be the most Pollock-y of them all. It's loaded with splattered paint in a range of colors very close to Pollock's masterpiece. It is a screenprint, as you might expect at this price, but is in a very limited edition of only 22.

Under $1,000

David Row, Alpha, 2006. $950

The combination of drips and twisted loops makes this lithograph almost like the lovechild of Pollock and Cy Twombley. Where does the loop begin and end? Affordable and mesmerizing!

Howard Hodgkin, La Plume de ma Tante, 2012, and Mud, 2012.

These deeply emotional works by the important British painter Howard Hodgkin are both from a limited edition of 12 and are described as "hand-painted sugar lift aquatint from 4 copper plates on 2 sheets of Arches Moulin du Gue Blanc 350 gsm paper." I don't know what that means, but it sounds amazing and  your friends and family will think so too. Another plus? These are Pollock-sized at nearly 6 feet by 8 feet. Contact the gallery for the exact price.

Mike Boyle