Milena Korolczuk's Breakfast Contemplations

Mike Boyle
Jun 15, 2013 1:21PM

When I stumbled upon these intriguing photographs on Artsy, I immediately wanted to know who this artist was and whether these miniature sculptures of notable artists and thinkers were really formed from bits of bread or if it was just a Photoshop job.

It was really hard to find out. A Google search of the phrase "Milena Korolczuk bread" actually returned no results!

After some sleuthing I found a short notice on an Eastern European art site which is fittingly named ArtClue:

... Milena Korolczuk (born 1984), an artist originally from Zabłudów, near Białystok in the north-east of Poland who resides today in Oakland, California.

Her newest photographs depict iconic figures of history, philosophy, art, literature and pop culture. These portraits are formed out of Wonder Bread, created as a side effect of the young artist's breakfast contemplations.

You can also see some of these photos in person if you're at Art Basel 2013. Try to catch them at breakfast time.

Mike Boyle