Who is Paul Pretzer?

Mike Boyle
Mar 18, 2013 5:38PM

The last few days I've been delightfully baffled by the mysterious paintings of Paul Pretzer, an artist who himself seems to be a bit of an enigma. There is virtually no biographical information about him online at all, and what little there is describes him variously as Estonian, German, and (I quote) "more American."

It is easy to look at these paintings and feel there are allegories in them, but very very hard to ever figure out what those allegories might be. Why are bizarrely-dressed old men meeting in a clearing to exchange animal faces while spectral babies and a kitten look on? Why are the anxious-looking rat-like creatures embracing? Why are tiny elephants copulating on top of baloney? No man can say.

A few more of Pretzer's paintings are featured in this post that was published on Cool Hunting, which means that he is cool in case you were worried. Enjoy!

Mike Boyle