Rauschenberg Curating Competition

Miranda Wood
Oct 20, 2014 10:32PM

            Robert Rauschenberg is known for having the “Neo-Dada” like mentality of working in the gap of art and life. Being a photographer, I believe documentary photography accomplishes this such idea with a beautiful rawness that Rauschenberg creates in his collage like work.

            Documentary photography captures the realness of everyday life. In doing this, photographers combine the art of photography and life together to make beautiful images. For this curation, I do believe combining documentary pieces will not only represent beautiful artwork, but something Rauschenberg not only studied and performed, but something he believed in.  

            Some artists I would like to work with would include: Saibal Das, Mark Steinmetz, Frank Hurley, Wayne Lawrence, Nati Canto, and Issei Suda. All of these works represent who these artists are and what they are surrounded by.

            With these pieces of work I will be setting up very dramatic lighting with similar pieces by the same artists put together in a collage type way. The walls will be painted white and there will be very tall ceilings. I really want the viewer to focus on the photographs one at a time so there will be plenty of space in between each one. Before approaching each artist's set of work, there will be their artist statement for the audience to read before viewing the work.

Miranda Wood