An Interview with DYoungV

Mirus Gallery
Oct 4, 2017 7:59PM

San Francisco based artist DYoungV provides some insight on his new exhibition, After Our World Ended, opening Friday, October 13th

Can you shed some light on the title of your show?

My intentions in titling this project 'After Our World Ended' is to imply that the 'world' as we know it is a place comprised of all people. I use the term 'world' as describing society on massive scale ranging to all classes, cultures and ethnicities in which everyone holds some responsibility and input in the direction civilization is taking. I feel that this title offers a more subjective standpoint on how the apocalypse may be interpreted.

In most modern lore and belief the apocalypse has often been portrayed and interpreted as an end of all things or the finish point of our civilization. It is often viewed as a final judgement created though the actions (or inactions) of our belief systems revealing the many grotesque and contradicting aspects of our human nature. However, unlike our modern view; the term 'apocalypse' in it's ancient Greek meaning is 'uncovering'. I have often found that in order for a new more evolved process of thought to emerge, the previous method of thinking most be unlearned or set aside. Often the process of creation emerges from a form of destruction. Growth can be very painful.

I have never been a proponent of the idea of humanity as a whole committing a final act of genocide upon it's entire species; or somehow murdering ourselves completely over a relatively short period of time. I believe as a whole, we are far too intelligent, motivated, compassionate and adaptable to do such a thing. Though the numerous acts of genocide, war, hate and several other atrocities that have been acted out in the name of country, racial pride and monetary gain say otherwise; there is a much deeper or even concealed part of us that wishes to strive for something better and more connected to a higher purpose and state of being. This deeper need for connection and awareness often emerges after great periods of pain, uncertainty and struggle. However painful it may be, once this desire to evolve is harnessed and achieved it often provides highly creative results that push our species to new levels of thinking and self awareness.

It's my not my intention to focus on the specific elements that threaten to destroy us, but rather the process that emerges in people as a result of the desire to overcome these elements. I am vastly curious in how a civilization can reinvent itself after it has fallen or been shaken to it's core foundation.

DYoungV, Nighborhood Watch, 2017, Mixed Media on Wood, 86 x 54 inches

What are some of the concepts you are looking to portray in this new body of my work?

In it's most simple form, I am looking to expand upon the concept of dualism. There is a basic (and very frustrating) contradictory component that exists in all humans. I find that the more a person believes in a formal set of beliefs (or wants to believe in them), the more likely their actions will contradict that belief system they've constructed or attached themselves too. Time and time again I've seen highly intelligent/ belief driven people delve into the realms of hypocrisy; then in turn justify this hypocrisy to themselves (and others) in order to leave their belief system in tact. It is not their belief system that drives them, but rather the identity and purpose they've constructed for themselves through their chosen system of belief. If someone or something (even themselves) threatens that construct or perception it will be met with aggressive and potentially hostile action to others on their part.

I've witnessed some of the most brilliant and (so-called) logic driven minds I've encountered in my life delude their own intelligence, grossly alter their version of 'truth', manipulate their ethics and lessen themselves in order to keep their personal belief systems and what they've constructed as 'identities' in tact. It is often more important for people to believe they're 'right' or 'justified' in the eyes of themselves (and how they interpret others to perceive them) then to recognize the actual truth of their given argument or situation. The scariest of these truths being that they may in fact be wrong, incorrect or taking a course of action that contradicts their perception of themselves and the world around them. Accurately seeing one self and the effect you may have on others is a scary thing for almost anyone, even the most intelligent and motivated people.

If the world is not black and white and all belief and ethical systems are constructs of the human experience, imagination, need and will; then every word, that word's meaning, ethical and spiritual belief can be manipulated to fit the needs or wants of an individual or population. Any action can be justified as 'right' even if in fact it is 'wrong'. War can be continually justified in the endless search for 'peace'. Love and hate can be opposite sides of the same coin and in their simplest of forms can often be interpreted as one in the same. This can be very dangerous.

It is my theory that all of these words, justifications and beliefs are only surface tactics used to navigate and make sense of the world. To gather and interpret their true meanings and applications one must delve deep into themselves and the minds of others. At our current state of society most people exist in a continual state of fear, repression, unfulfilled desire and uncertainty of the future. Many of us at our core are broken and can be easily manipulated to believe most anything so long as it gives us the sense of security and purpose we are looking for. In short, when existing in such a state of insecurity and delusion one must question every perception that they have of themselves and the world around them. Every thought, emotion, response, action and memory must be interpreted on multiple levels and seen from different angles and points of view. In short, the words I place on the images displayed in this exhibition are not meant to portray a specific truth, ethic of belief; but rather form a gateway to interpret or reinterpret these specific words, their meaning and applications. I've chosen the concept of war and renewal as the creative vessel to best portray this line of thinking.

In short, the words I place on the images displayed in this exhibition are not meant to portray a specific truth, ethic of belief; but rather form a gateway to interpret or reinterpret these specific words, their meaning and applications. I've chosen the concept of war and renewal as the creative vessel to best portray this line of thinking.

DYoungV, No Fate, 2017, Speedball in on paper, 54.75 x 44.25 inches

Your projects exist in a series of installments building up a single world. What can we expect to see in this upcoming installment?

My intention with this upcoming installment is to further expand upon this world by including a proper narrative. Though many of my individual works can provide multiple philosophical and individual interpretations; the pieces as a whole exist in a single post apocalyptic world. This world has people, cultures, languages, ideas and technology. My plan is to expand and shed light on this narrative in a more literal way then seen in previous installments. This current project will be comprised of a series of smaller installations which will be part of a greater whole. Alongside each installation of work will be a descriptive narration of what these images represent in this world. I wish to better explain the various belief systems, languages, history, intentions and hopes of the people that exist in this story.

I aim to tie in all previous installments by including both new pieces and repurposed works from previous installments. These repurposed works will be specific works selected from all previous installments. The purpose of this process is to take what I've built up previously and combine it with what I've learned since, thus shedding a greater light on this world. These works will be altered and expanded upon to fit this ongoing narrative.

The upcoming show will be a full installation expanding both inside and outside of the designated gallery space. The intent is to emerge the viewer fully in this world. All wall, floor and ceiling space will be utilized to make this project more of an experience then an art exhibition.  

Additionally, there will a street art component to this project. Throughout the years I have been focused on getting my work up illegally in various cities throughout the world. This process of my work (though related) has been very separate experience from my gallery projects. As an inclusion to my fine art/ installation there will be works displayed originally designed for illegal street projects. These pieces themselves will be merged into the overall narrative and composition of the project.  

What sort of mood are you looking to achieve in this upcoming project?

The aesthetic of my work has always reflected my interests in science fiction on punk culture. Much like the moods set in both of these genres I want to express both a highly aggressive and hopeful setting through my work. I find the theme of motivated people approaching radical ideas and working together to potentially benefit society to be intriguing. It's been a common theme in my work (and lifestyle) for a long time. It's something I will continue to press and work upon as I continue this journey. I hope that whomever views my work is able to see some part of themselves in it and can take something empathetic and positive away with them. If not that, then I hope to at least expand upon their curiosities.

DYoungV, Promise, 2017, Micron 08 pen on Bristol paper, 24 x 19 inches

What was the most exciting aspect of putting together this project?

For me, the most exciting part of this project has been revisiting works that I have not shown in years. There is something uplifting about seeing where I've been and how far I've come. Combining what I know now with what I created in the past has strengthened the connection between the artist I have become and the artist I was. I feel that this has been a process of reinventing myself without losing touch with the intentions and ideas I started with when I began this series of work nearly a decade ago. Connecting and creating through the past in this way has been highly rewarding for me.

How eager are you to see this project finally come to life?

I haven't taken on a project of this magnitude for a few years now. I suppose that I was waiting for the right opportunity. So yes, I'm very eager to see this vision fully realized!!!!!

After Our World Ended opens at Mirus Gallery on Friday October 13th, from 7-10pm.  The show runs through October 10th, 2017 and is free and open to the public.  For more information please contact [email protected]

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