Snake Eggs or Shiny Stars

Mitali Banerjee
Jun 27, 2013 6:27PM

At first I thought I was  looking at  the eggs of some scaly gill-bearing creature-a snake or  may be a fish? Or perhaps this is something less creepy. A  heap of black pebbles? The ones that produce the pleasant crunching sounds when we walk on them. Or perhaps these are pebbles that snakes lay their eggs in? The creepy sensation returned, this time tinged with a grinding feeling between my teeth.   Then I saw the title, Stars.  In a blink, the pebble-eggs transformed into  halos of far away magical celestial bodies. And then, again, they changed back to pebble-eggs.....

 Its hardly surprising to see that the title of a work shapes what we see in it. Though the experience, as always, was eye opening. Also,  the experience of viewing it online feels different from the experience of gazing at it on a wall in a museum or gallery. Not that one is lesser than the other.  Perhaps, seeing it in a compressed luminous digital space accentuates certain aspects of the experience-- the speed, for instance. The eyes move up and down , left and right, much more quickly. The “aha” moment arrives in a shorter beat. 

Mitali Banerjee
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