Buenos Aires-Based Artist Florencia Walfisch Celebrated in her First Solo Show in New York

Gallery Molly Krom
May 22, 2014 2:53PM

Gallery Molly Krom is pleased to present "The Importance of Minimal Gestures," the first solo show in the United States for Florencia Walfisch, an Argentine artist who lives and works in her hometown, Buenos Aires.

As an artist, Florencia Walfisch is using textile techniques to create paintings and drawings. Also a poet, she writes about the concept of minimal gestures that make up the fabric of life itself, and this becomes the inspiration for the body of work presented in the show: 

"The material instance of the world reminds me, always, of the concrete character of every subtlety, thought, emotion, interiority, and the whole spectrum of vibrations which are body. Like a tree’s roots and it's crown, or Heaven and Earth, I attempt to vertebrate myself without the rift imposed by drawing borders on that which is organic. I like to think of my work as fragments of an impossible to encompass a whole, a continuum without end or beginning. When I use a sewing machine, the gears that allow the bottom thread and the top thread to go together, without which there is no sewing, seems a permanent metaphor for a junction channel. When by hand, as the needle dives and goes through the fabric only to arise again and again, I tend to think about the infinity of minimal gestures, constant and almost always invisible, that make possible the entirety of life."

The textile paintings created and selected for this exhibition are made with thread and wool, on canvas and fabric. Within some of them, distinct anatomical forms can be found, but most are more about physiology, rather than anatomy. The passage of air, the opening of the alveoli, the rush of blood and contractions of the heart happen simultaneously at the "crown" and the "roots," in Heaven and Earth.

Florencia Walfisch was born in Buenos Aires in 1970. Since 2004 she has been making visual art using textile techniques. Since 2011 she has been included in the annual Salon Nacional Textile Art exhibitions at the Palais de Glace and Palacio Nacional de las Artes in Buenos Aires.

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Gallery Molly Krom