Aaron Garber-Maikovska
Feb 19, 2014 11:14PM

Courtesy of the exhibitor:

About the work: Using art historical precedents such as Bruce Nauman’s early studio-centric videos and Yvonne Rainer’s minimal dance choreography as tacit cues, Aaron Garber-Maikovska has undertaken an ambitious new video project that focuses not on the isolated artist, but rather the artist in isolation. This difference is crucial to the essence of the video and is evinced by Garber-Maikovska via his frenetic, yet fluid movements articulated throughout an infinite white space. Referencing the intuitive gestures inherent in his drawings as well as his meticulously devised painting process and furthermore, the fervor of his site-specific videos in which he responds to commercial environments, the artist traces out new modes of communication through self-aware gesticulations of his own body, a tool that he understands better than anyone else, but a tool that any viewer can of course still understand. There are no frills; there are no distractions. There is only the artist and language—signs and symbols, silent music and seamless metaphors. This centralized activity, despite its primal tendencies, is elegant in its formal manifestation, and has a slow, gradual, entrancing effect on the viewer.

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Aaron Garber-Maikovska