Milja Viita
Feb 19, 2014 11:49PM

Courtesy of the exhibitor:

About the work: Coriolis is a poetic documentary about identical twins, Marthe and Martine, who are separated by the world. A caregiver of the elderly, Martine currently lives in Helsinki, while Marthe, who works as a dressmaker, still lives in their native country, Togo. The two sisters come from a region where planetary winds, the great forces of the climate, arise.

About the artist: Milja Viita (born 1974 in Karjalohja, Finland) has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Time and Space based Art, Helsinki (MA degree 2005) Viita uses film, video and installations. Her works are characterized by memories and small and familiar phenomenons that are made significant by visual narration.

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Milja Viita