Nicholas and Sheila Pye
Feb 19, 2014 11:29PM

Courtesy of the exhibitor:

About the work: Nicholas & Sheila Pye's "Trilogy" is a cohesive work consisting of 3 films made from 2004 - 2007. The films include "The Paper Wall" (2004), "A Life of Errors" (2006), and "Loudly, Death Unties" (2007). This is the first time "Trilogy" is presented as an American premiere at the Moving Image Art Fair New York.

Synopses of the Three Films:

"The Paper Wall"—Boxed into twin rooms yet separated by a thin wall, a brother and sister communicate their desires. Emotional interdependence transforms the characters from healthy young people into a convalescent couple that physically need one another to perform simple bodily functions, such as breathing. Stunning, provocative and perplexing, the pair is irresistible to watch as they become increasingly reliant on one another. 

"A Life of Errors"—In a decrepit three-room house two lovers, played by the filmmakers, fall out of each other's graces and turn bitter enemies without exchanging words. In the theatrical dream world of their sleep, they endeavor to harm each other though a series of childish games, which inevitably go too far. Growing increasingly distrustful of one another, these somnambulists become finely skilled at the unmaking of love.This film is in the collection of The Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden. 

"Loudly, Death Unties"—A young man and woman's isolated life is interrupted when a child burrows her way into the back room of their dilapidated shack. Like the wail of a banshee, she begins to play a haunting song to them on her violin, warning them of death. Unable to get into the mysterious room, they become increasingly perplexed and frustrated by her presence. When the woman begins to become unaffected by the forces of gravity, he must decide to heed the banshee's call and say goodbye to his lover.

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Nicholas and Sheila Pye