Sini Pelkki
Feb 19, 2014 11:51PM

Courtesy of the Exhibitor:

About the work: Embarkation is a moving image that is framed like a photograph. Through repetition it builds up into a single image, like a photograph that consists of countless images. With simultaneous presence and absence, the work explores the relationship between still and moving image.

About the artist: Sini Pelkki works with photography and moving image. Her work derives and evolves around photography and the photographic image. Focusing on the subjectivity of seeing and the relation between a human and different physical and psychological environments and spaces. Pelkki was born in 1978 in Helsinki, Finland. She studied Fine Art in Chelsea College of Art and Design in London (UK) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She is currently based in Helsinki.

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Sini Pelkki