Tintin Wulia
Feb 19, 2014 10:13PM

Courtesy of the exhibitor:

About the work: Documentation is crucial to history. It asserts the realness of what happened in the past, and thus builds some kind of faith. A documentary often invests in this kind faith and play with it. The nation-states often need this kind of faith from its citizens, thus they often rely on documentary and documentation. 

Fallen is a part of the artist's body of works on border and chance. It is neither documentation nor a documentary, although it was based on a somewhat real event. Following the path of skepticism that the real event was based on, the documentation is dramatized: it is heavily edited, and lightly presented with enchanting music. 

The impossibility of tracing the sequence of events is the impossibility of tracing what is real. Has it fallen, or will it fall? Time, they say, is a big ball of yarn. History, they say, repeats itself. Like an image of an alluring Hades, Fallen keeps repeating itself in infinity. The sequence of images and sounds gradually builds into becoming a solid conceptual object that leaves the space where it originates, and occupies another space that is more than four-dimensional.

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Tintin Wulia