Vincent Broquaire
Feb 19, 2014 7:55PM

Courtesy of the exhibitor:

About the work: Broquaire seems to be experimenting with play. We can see this in particular in the animation “Locked” where play is used to both amuse and subvert. The film is shown on a plasma screen placed on the ground. The people in the film seem to be milling about, waiting, and turning in circles when they reach the “walls” of the plasma screen. We watch and wait with them. When we come to realize the film is in a loop, we stop our watching. We look up, we move on to the next work stop to speak with an acquaintance, move on to the next work/person, then the next... The joke is on us: our motions are like those of the people in the film, are we the people in the film?

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Vincent Broquaire