Formal Conscience

Yves Netzhammer
Feb 19, 2014 11:36PM

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About the work: “Formal Conscience“ (2013) finishes a trilogy (“Dialogical Abrasion”, 2011 and “Peripheries of Bodies”, 2012 being the first two parts) with which Yves Netzhammer (*1970) examines possible interactions between human beings and their surrounding. Doll like figures move through associative space/laboratories, confronted by different levels of realities, constantly changing and rearranging. Poetic moments of contemplation are juxtaposed by nightmarish scenarios of isolation and loneliness. Any attempt of communication and confluence seems to fail due to its inherent impossibilities. 

Yves Netzhammer, was born in 1970. Since 1997, he has been working on a widely ramified, poetic imagery cosmos. His video installations, objects and drawings fascinate through their bodily charisma and their formal clarity. The playful recombination of elements which seemingly can not be combined leads to the threshold of our existence’s dark side: Pleasant aspects interlock with displeasing ones, the dead melts with the alive into creatures never seen before, and the depicted scenarios run from microscopic to giant scales. Solo exhibitions include MONA, Tasmania (2013), K11 Art Space, Shanghai, (2013), Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai (2011), Kunstmuseum Bern (2010), Palazzo Strozzi (2009), SFMOMA, San Francisco (2008), Venice Biennale (2007), Karlskirche Kassel (supporting program documenta 12, 2007), Kunsthalle Bremen (2005). 

“Formal Conscience“ is a consequent animation, that confronts the medium animated movie with it’s origins the drawn image. The viewer becomes immersed in the spatial worlds of Yves Netzhammer, where their associative inner logic collides with our obsession of conventional narration. The aesthetic of Yves Netzhammer’s pictorial inventions, animations and sculptural installations operates between the tension arising from technoid artificiality and emotional density. 

As in many works by Yves Netzhammer this video revolves around questions of contact and relationships between man, animals, objects and the world at large. It addresses adaptation and the transformation of one creature into another. This transformatory ability queries the stability of identity whilst also considering the fundamental similarity of all living creatures.

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Yves Netzhammer