Zombie take-over at Armory Film- Tomorrow, March 6th!

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Mar 5, 2013 8:14PM

Wednesday March 6th
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Artist: Matthew Day Jackson
Film: In Search Of...Zombies (2011)
Duration: 47:27
Panel: Matthew Day Jackson, David Tompkins (co-writer/director), Joseph Hung (co-director), and Tim Bright (music)
Gallery: GRIMM, Amsterdam

In Search of... Zombies" is the third in Matthew Day Jackson’s series of videos based on the '70s TV show hosted by Leonard Nimoy investigating supernatural and paranormal phenomena. Filmed in New York and across the American West, from Las Vegas to the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site in South Dakota, the episode focuses on the ubiquitous contemporary figure of the zombie. The program tries to figure out why zombies are everywhere, or at least appear to be, and proposes alternate or expanded ways in which we might think about them.

For More information on Armory Film please follow the link to the official webpage: thearmoryshow.com

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